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UpCycle is an independent sustainability advisor for the real estate industry. We provide smart solutions with our services, products and experience to achieve the objectives of our customers.
a think tank & sustainability advisory firm for the real estate industry
We turn sustainability challenges into opportunities and ensure sustainability is an integral part of the core business principles of our customers. With our extensive knowledge, creativity, and dedication, we support our clients to implement sustainability at every level of their organization.
The way we think and work with our customers, make us unique and stand out. We are honest, creative and want to make sure our customers feel totally at ease when we are supporting them as if we are their favorite colleagues. We ensure our customers are satisfied with the tools and results we provide.
UpCycle can support you in developing a unique, long-term sustainability strategy that is linked to your business operations, enabling you to meet the future demands and expectations of your stakeholders.
We assess your current sustainability impact and are able to benchmark your performance against a relevant peer group through our UpCycle InSights.
UpCycle has supported many clients in developing frameworks for their sustainability report. Through our years of expertise we are able to enhance your communications with a clear message, one that speaks to a wide range of stakeholder groups.
our expertise
UpCycle: the independent GRESB advisor with a proven track record in supporting real estate organizations globally.
Case studies
Corporate Responsibility Report & ESG roadmap
We have supported Multi in publishing their 'Partner in Real Estate' sustainability report, helped to implement their ESG roadmap and develop internal policies and procedures.
ESG Strategy
For several years, we have been a strategic ESG partner for Atrium European Real Estate. Our activities included conducting a materiality assessment, publishing their ESG update reports and leading them to a successful participation in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).
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