UpCycle can support you in developing a unique, long-term sustainability strategy that is linked to your business operations, enabling you to meet the future demands and expectations of your stakeholders.
Vision & Strategy
Before building a solid ESG strategy, it’s important to map out and align the most relevant topics for your organization and its stakeholders. How? By actively engaging with everyone involved. We take surveys, organize internal workshops to lay out all the topics that matter to your business and of course talk to people, face to face.
how do we determine what's important
There’s no place for short-term vision if a lasting positive change for your organization and stakeholders is what you’re after. That’s why we look ahead and help you create an ESG strategy and vision for years to come. One that is unique, triggers your employees to take action and speaks to your target group.
build vision and strategy
Long-term strategy? Making sure not to overlook anything? This is where our team of experts comes in. For over a decade we’ve been supporting organizations of all shapes and sizes to meet the needs of their investors. Our in-house specialists know exactly how to develop made-to-measure action plans that help you reach the ambition level you’re aiming for.

Our methods aren’t set in stone. Because to stay on top of our game we respond to changes in the field with lightning speed and evolve constantly. But what leads the way is your ambition. Just let us know where you want to go, and we’ll get you there.

our experts
We take a total value approach that covers multiple areas because the standard ESG impact is not our final destination. We help you measure and communicate your total and long-term sustainable impact on the communities you are a part of.
Total impact
We know how tough the job of an ESG expert can be, especially working for a smaller organization having to drive the agenda alone. We are your ally in informing and inspiring management about the latest trends and collecting relevant data. We coach, participate with sustainability committees and inform management through workshops to share best practices in the real estate market. Need a steady partner to address ESG in your organization? Contact us, we’re in this together.
our support
We have supported over 50 companies and funds worldwide participating with the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) with a total value of 300 billion USD. All of our clients have increased their GRESB scores steadily and some of them are now considered global leaders.
We’ve supported the development of action plans, complete and submit the time-consuming survey and guided our clients to boost scores over time. We’ve made sure they became sector movers and included in their regional DJSI indices.
Carbon impact measurement and transparency is becoming an unavoidable topic in the real estate business. The field impacts the climate and investors, as well as the public, want to keep updated. We support companies to participate with the Carbon Disclosure Project, monitor their carbon footprint and get a greater insight in the risks and opportunities and shape this into a solid climate change strategy.
Case studies
Corporate Responsibility reports and ESG roadmap
From performing a GRESB baseline measurement to becoming the sector leader in their peer group. During the last years of partnership with Brixmor Property group, we have supported the corporate team with ESG data collection, write, design and publish engaging Corporate Responsibility reports and drive the overall ESG roadmap.
ESG Strategy
For several years, we have been a strategic ESG partner for Atrium European Real Estate. Our activities included conducting a materiality assessment, publishing their ESG update reports and leading them to a successful participation in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).