We assess your current sustainability impact and are able to benchmark your performance against a relevant peer group through our UpCycle InSights.

Analysis & Implementation
Stakeholder engagement: an area we gladly pay extra attention to because we know it pays off in the long run. Improve relationships so you know what’s important for all parties involved, building the tools and programs to do so is where we step in. Engagement surveys, interviews, action plan development performance reports, and ESG requirements in contracts (Green Lease and Supplier Code of Conduct).
shared value
Curious to find out how well your real estate portfolio is performing on sustainability? Of course you are, and we’ll help you find out exactly where things are at. First, we benchmark your real estate assets on portfolio level with common sustainable certification schemes (BREEAM). The next step is identifying possibilities to improve the quality with the right expert. Want us to hook you up with a BREEAM expert? We’ll find you one!
quality portfolio
The ESG data analysis possibilities are endless. Our masterminds give you a clear direction and help you develop smart reports to get a sound understanding of your impact. Do you want to know how you can become carbon neutral? Or align with the Paris agreement? Social, environmental and on a local, regional, national or international level: you name it. Our analysis can include anything from carbon calculations to energy savings, the contribution of hotels, shopping centres and offices to the local community.
Understanding your impact
UpCycle speaks all the languages involved in translating your sustainability visions into daily operations and processes. Lasting value is what we’re all about and we believe achieving this lies in integrating the principles for impact management into daily business activities. As your ESG guide through a landscape of real estate, we’ll help you select priorities, set targets and track performance.
vision to action
Do you have a clear understanding of the environmental opportunities and risks in your real estate portfolio? Leave it to us, we know the drill. We gather data, help you assess it and support your organization in selecting effective measures and find a way to apply them to day-to-day operations to ensure long term reductions and communicate your approach to your stakeholders to keep everyone in the loop.
getting a message across
Case studies
ESG Strategy
Eurocommercial properties
UpCycle has supported Eurocommercial Properties to develop its ESG strategy 'Be Green, Be Engaged and Be Responsible', organizing in-house workshops to increase awareness and develop internal ESG policies. We have also supported the corporate team to collect and analyze the environmental performance indicators and communicate them in their Annual Report and GRESB submission.
ESG Program and Reports
syntrus achmea
We have offered strategic assistance to Syntrus Achmea, an investment manager in real estate and mortgages for institutional investors, developing their 2020-2030 ESG program and commitments, publishing their ESG reports and supporting the participation of multiple funds at the annual GRESB survey.