UpCycle has supported many clients in developing frameworks for their sustainability report. Through our years of expertise we are able to enhance your communications with a clear message, one that speaks to a wide range of stakeholder groups.
Communications & Reporting
As project managers, we also support you to communicate your ESG strategy clearly through different on- and offline media. We make sure your message has a unique tone and makes the biggest impact possible.
Leave it to us to help you find the right way to communicate ESG impact to everyone involved. We’ve spoken for companies across the world to create ESG awareness amongst employees of all parts of the company.
Online reporting cannot be left out, it’s the 21st century after all. Communicate through social media so your target group can easily select the information they want at all times and interact with your messages.
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speaking up
a digital era
Reports that speak loud and clear to your stakeholders; no points will be left blank. Our communication experts make sure that your report meets all international sustainability standards (GRI, EPRA) and our combined services make that process easy for you. No need to work with multiple parties; our clients have received awards with their reports showing that cutting down on unnecessary steps leads to swift and high-quality reports that stand out.
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Case studies
Sustainability report and ESG roadmap
We have supported Multi in publishing their 'Partner in Real Estate' sustainability report, helped to implement their ESG roadmap and develop internal policies and procedures.
Sustainability report
Simon property group
Through internal and external interviews, we supported the corporate team at Simon Property Group to identify interesting case studies for its annual Sustainability report - an attractive and effective way to communicate to multiple stakeholder groups.
Why just inform stakeholders, if you can aim for a bigger impact? We want to motivate them to take action by allowing them to change behaviour and follow ESG targets. And we know just how to use active campaigns to increase awareness and activate.
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